Animal neurology

elektrodiagnostische Untersuchung eines Hundes durch Dr. Florian König

I have been specializing in veterinary neurology for 28 years.

Dogs and cats with seizures or paralysis therefore often come to my veterinary practice. The conditions are often chronic and require special attention, especially as dogs and cats only communicate to a limited extent. Experience is the key to correctly interpreting the symptoms of the disease.

The treatment of neurological diseases in dogs and cats requires a thorough discussion of the preliminary report (anamnesis). I always take a lot of time for this.

If the picture of the development of the disease is complete with all accompanying symptoms, the necessary diagnostic measures are discussed with you as the pet owner and carried out with your consent.

Extensive diagnostic equipment is available in my veterinary practice for this purpose. Electrodiagnostics in particular can help to clarify many neurological diseases in dogs and cats. We can use this equipment to carry out hearing tests, eye tests, muscle function tests (EMG), nerve function tests (ENG) and brain wave measurements (EEG). My electrodiagnostic experience is based on 25 years of practice. The findings are correspondingly reliable – which benefits your patients.

The treatment of neurological diseases is coordinated in close contact with you as the pet owner and adapted if necessary. Should a neurosurgical procedure be necessary (e.g. in the case of a slipped disc), an experienced surgical team is always available at my veterinary practice, which creates a calm environment for me through anesthetic management and appropriate assistance, which is necessary for these sometimes delicate procedures in order to be able to carry them out professionally and with the necessary calm.

I involve you as the pet owner as much as possible in the care of dogs and cats after surgery. You will be instructed in physiotherapeutic procedures and techniques that can be carried out at home and the appropriate aftercare will be discussed regularly. We will remain in contact for as long as the healing process requires in order to restore normal neurological function to your dog or cat in the best case scenario.

In the care of chronic diseases (such as epilepsy), after diagnosis and medication of your dog or cat, fine-tuning or adjustment of the treatment can also take place in the long-term course via communication with modern media, so that a visit to my veterinary practice is not always necessary.


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