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Our veterinary services always focus on the whole patient. Your pet should receive optimal and comprehensive advice and care in order to prevent the development of diseases through prevention.

Our veterinary services for the treatment of neurological diseases in dogs and cats begin with a thorough diagnosis. We take a lot of time both for recording the preliminary report and for the individual steps of the examination. In difficult cases, the diagnosis can sometimes take several hours. The forward-looking allocation of appointments ensures that other patients do not have to wait during this time.

In addition, we use university facilities (e.g. magnetic resonance imaging) to treat each of our animal patients individually and to optimize therapeutic success.

Our comprehensive technical equipment and above-average training activities enable us to provide you with fast and professional care! Even in difficult health situations, you and your animal patient do not have to do without the usual personal contact (e.g. by visiting clinics).


State-of-the-art ultrasound technology is used for optimum diagnostics. The decisive factor here is a sufficient number of transducers. No single transducer can cover all questions without compromising on the level of detail.
Five probes from 2-13 MHz enable us to generate high-resolution images of all abdominal organs, heart examinations (including Doppler), thyroid gland, joints, tendons, nerves and vessels in accordance with the state of the art. Your patient can certainly feel that they are in good hands with us.


Our endoscopy equipment enables us to carry out minimally invasive diagnostics, often the most important basis for treating your pet in a targeted and effective manner. Thanks to this technology, your patient can be spared an operation in cases of doubt. The system proves its strengths in chronic gastrointestinal or ear diseases as well as swallowed or inhaled foreign bodies.



X-ray technology has long been standard in daily practice. We work with the system with the highest image resolution, the digital “XDR8 1717 HD”, to ensure maximum accuracy in diagnostic imaging by displaying even the smallest details.


The best anesthesia is the one that ends with the procedure. Our anesthesia machines (inhalation anesthesia, TIVA via perfusors) enable us to provide controllable anesthesia, i.e. anesthesia whose depth can be increased, decreased or terminated immediately if necessary. This is due to our special concern for the safety of your animal under anesthesia.

Our anesthesia patients almost exclusively have venous access (venous catheter) in order to supply them with infusion fluids while they sleep and to be able to administer the necessary medication promptly. An ECG and respiratory monitor are available for monitoring anesthesia. Blood pressure measurements are carried out using ultrasound/Doppler technology if required. Thanks to the use of modern anesthetic drugs, long periods of sleep are a thing of the past.



We offer a wide range of bone and soft tissue operations. In the field of neurosurgery, we have been a recognized referral center for many years. We constantly monitor vital functions such as circulation and breathing during the operation.

We are happy to discuss any questions in detail beforehand. Dogs and cats should not be fed for 12 hours before anesthesia, but are allowed to drink. Patients undergoing therapy should also take their medication at the usual times before anesthesia.

You will accompany your pet until it falls asleep and, if desired, also when it wakes up so that it is the first to greet you again.



[:de]Dr. König und sein Team bereiten eine neurologische Untersuchung vor[:]

In addition to the comprehensive general care of my patients, I have been specializing in neurology for over 20 years. Extensive diagnostic and neurosurgical equipment is at the service of my patients.

Especially in the field of electrodiagnostics (hearing tests, eye tests, EMG, ENG, EEG), nothing counts more than experience – my electrodiagnostic experience is based on 20 years of use, with a corresponding certainty in the findings, which in turn benefits your patients.



[:de]Laboruntersuchung in der Tierarztpraxis Dr. König in Wiesbaden[:]

We can examine blood, cerebrospinal fluid and other body fluids quickly and effectively in our in-house laboratory. This eliminates storage and transportation-related errors.


[:de]Der Tierarzt kommt zum Hausbesuch[:]


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