We are not permitted to treat your animal without your signature!
(EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung – DSGVO)

Consent agreement with owner of animal:


  • The owner declares consent that Dr. König and his staff can register name, address, telephone- or cellphonenumber, email and birthdate to guarantee professional treatment. 
  • The owner declares consent that Dr. König and his staff by using their professional discretion can release his/her personal data to third parties involved in the treatment of his/her animal. This also applies to the agency to collect the outstanding payments (Tierärztliche Verrechnungsstelle NRW e.V. (TVS) in Münster).
  • The owner concedes to the following: Dr. König may keep his/her data longer than 10 years for archive, scientific and legal purposes. 
  • The owner further agrees that his/her data can be used if his/her animal has a disease which can be transferred to humans. 
  • The owner agrees that his/her data can be stored at Firma VetZ, Sattlerstr. 40 in Isernhagen, Germany. Other recipients are Laboratories, Pathologists, University Institutes, Banks and Accountants. The owner agrees further that in very rare circumstances examinations can be ordered in other European countries or the United States. 
  • The owner agrees to receive reminding notices on vaccination. 
  • The owner agrees that all his/her data can be transferred to the buyer if Dr. König sells his practice. This is valid for any buyer, independently of his/her name.
  • Dr. König and his staff assume no liability if owner-data is tracked during e-mail-transmission, e.g. with his/her vet, and would then be viewed by third parties. 
  • Our Website (neurovet.de and fachtierarzt-koenig.de) uses a Cookie for language installation. This is not sufficient to check on users and identify them. We do not follow users! 
  • The owner has the right to check on his/her personal data to see who received it and how it was used.
  • The owner is allowed to complain data problems to the supervisory authority (i.e. Datenschutzamt). 
  • The owner has the right to cancel his/her data any time. In doing so we are responsible to notify third parties that his/her information was revoked. Cancelling basic data, like address, is not possible, as long as professional and legal purposes make storage of this data necessary for a longer time.   
  • The owner declares having understood the details of this contract.


Dr. Florian König, Am Berggewann 13, 65199 Wiesbaden
Tel. 0611/ 42 22 50
e-mail: fk@neurovet.de